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IF you already have a copy of Solo Dolci and it didn't include an ''Errata'; sheet, please print out this page and keep it with your copy. As with many books in print mistakes can happen and here they are:


Crostata di Ciliege, page 64: Butter and flour pan and line with dough.

Torta di Pasta Frolia e Mandorle, page 91: Line buttered and floured pan with other piece of dough and trim at edges.

Torta di Cioccolata, page 92: Add 3/4 cup sugar to list of ingredients.

Torta di Nocciole, page 101: Melt half the sugar.

Dolce Mirella, page 168: Roll it up and brush with egg yolk.Place on buttered and floured baking sheet.

Parrozzo, or Pan Rozzo Abruzzese, page 179: Omit chocolate from list of ingredients and procedure for dough.