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most American Italian restaurants offered mainly southern Italian desserts. As a result, many Americans have never experienced the wide variety of attractive and delicious Italian desserts.

SOLO DOLCI, Anna Bruni Benson's Italian dessert cookbook, shows how much there is to see and taste at the end of a good Italian meal. There are over 150 recipes, some of which you may have never tasted before! Her chapters range from fresh fruit cakes and pies to nut cakes and cookies. There are ices and ice creams, mousses and souffles and regional favorites from all over the
map of Italy.

THIS superb dessert cookbook is clear, well organized and fun to read. It's full of helpful
advice, including a complete chapter on Italian dessert wines.

BEST of all, here is a book that will allow all
cooks to end any meal with style and flavor,
drawing on Italian traditions that go back to Etruscan times as well as on contemporary inventions of today's finest Italian chefs.

The tasty recipes rely less on butter, eggs
and sugar and nstead, they delicately blend
fresh ingredients for a delicious effect of
lightness and subtlety.

216 pages, cloth bound, colour photographs by Sean Hise and lots of charming illustrations throughout by Sumishta Brahm.