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Dr. Sidney W. Benson was truly one of my all-time favourite phenomenal people. He was a scientist, an inventor in the world of molecules and things most of us take for granted.

In a letter he once wrote to me he said:

"Every now and then I think of the meaning of life and decide not to. In between I think of nature and science and conceive great ideas..."

In his 80's he played tennis twice a week and when the snow was on the mountains he would ski. He was my stepfather but more like a real father to me because he listened when I had something to say and he answered my questions when I wanted to know "why". He reassurred me that life is certainly worth living and...

" is that while the ends may justify some means, life itself consists mainly of means, the things one does from day-to-day. If these are not on the whole satisfying, the end is not terribly important."

He passed away at the great age of 93 in the early hours of December 30th 2011, and even though he is no longer with us in body he will always remain in my heart a real inspiration...