more memories from the journey...

Me and my horse and father

My father with me and my most wonderful horse in the whole of my world,. A Buckskin Quarterhorse, she was a "swayback" which meant she was probably too young when someone rode her so she was sold to us cheap cause she was considered undesirable. Well, wouldn't you know, she was a highly intelligent and sensitive, beautiful creature and I miss her even now after all these years gone by


Sumishta at 15 in my favorite Carnaby St. outfit

With Mara Lee (she had braces on her teeth at the time) in my favourite groovy gear from swingin' London's Carnaby Street.


Sumishta and Mara Lee (my older sister) in our teens

One of the moodiest photographs
our father ever took of my sister and me.
I think it reflects something of himself....





James Mason, Mara Lee and Me

James Mason a close friend of my father's) sitting between Mara Lee and me. This photo was taken in Vevey, Switzerland where he and his wife, Clarissa, had a lovely house. I remember they had amazing miniature strawberries which grew on a hillside just in front of theirhouse. We picked a whole bowl full and had them for dessert. Yum!

Mara Lee and Me


Sumishta at Fifteen!!!



<15 with with VERY
lovely long hair

Sumishta at the beach
At the beach in Malibu soaking up the sun




The first incarnation
of "13 Frightened Girls"
live at Dingwalls in London


Sumishta at 13

At 13 I was all smiles and hopes even
though it didn't always feel that way...


In 1979, divorced and a new wave punk.
Extremely happy days. Everything was
black and white