McCabe's Guitar Shop 1988

THIS IS he best music shop in the world (ask anyone who's been there)
I have been a customer AND an employee so I should know!

If you are desiring to get an acoustic or electric guitar, mandolin, violin, banjos, harmonicas, strings,
music books.You name it, they will have what you're looking for. This shop IS the business.
Located in Santa Monica,California.

McCabe's is a one of a kind place and should be listed under 'Wonders of the World'

Plus, to top all that's on offer there they even have a repair shop,so if you've found your Ukulele
didn't make it through the shower with you, expert advice will be offered for the asking.

Or if you have a guitar that just won't play like you want it, or just needs setting up,then take
it to
McCabe's and they'll repair it for a fair price.

They also have records and a big selection of music books including ones that will teach you
how to play the instrument you yearn to learn.

And if you'd rather learn from a real professional they have them too!
They have a terrific selection of terrific music teachers who'll teach a whole class or one to one.

...there's no place like home, there's no place like home....there's...

*many thanks to DANA Ferris for taking the picture of the outside of the shop