Freddie & Jeff

Freddie has been a positive and true blue friend for more years than I can mention. One of the grooviest guys this planet has ever seen with one of the swinginist record collections to boot! Also known as Phast of Phast Phreddie and Thee Precisions, he's a great DJ as well as poet. Nancy is an absolutely geogeous lady and as you can see is quite close to Freddie!! Whoo Hoo!

I first met Jeff at a place called Book soup when I worked nearby. I often went in there to look around and have an intelligent banter or three. We have stayed friends even with a HUGE gap of being out of touch. That's something I am ever so grateful for.



This is a photo of him way back in 1979. He's mega talented and funny and always brings a smile to my face. He is (as many of my friends are) a sensitive soul always on the lookout to help cheer and console when the chips are down. Now married to a multi-talented and equally lovely person, Elise, we communicate mostly through email but they are a treasure in my life.

Doug Katsaros
joan and george smith
I first met Joan when we were volunteering at a charity shop once a week when I was out of work (something I recommend everyone do even if for a short time) . Joan became one of my favorite people and in meeting George and getting to know of her family and other friends she knew, I could see why she was such a positive and inspiring person. She remains one of my dearest friends and I miss her very much.

heidi berry
I've known her practically since I first moved to the UK. She has been a patient and understanding friend for all this time. A fantastic songwriter with a delicious voice to match, I've had the pleasure of singing back-up for her on occasion and enjoyed every minute of it.
steve drewett
One of the kindest people I know and gives meaning to "heart of gold". A musician and thoughtful songwriter, his band was called The Neurotics. Living in a remote part of the UK, makes him difficult to visit but although out of sight he is not out of mind.

I have known Rabindra from when time began and that's a pretty long time.The only thing is, there has been about a kabillion years when I hadn't seen him until 2004 when I had the great honor to hang out with him again for too short a time. He is a spiritual brother of mine - there - I admit it!
all photograhs © 2005 Sumishta Brahm except Steve Drewett
by Richard Crawford