richard crawford
is one of my oldestRichard Crawford and dearest friends in the UK. I met him in Edinburgh, Scotland, at a bus station when his parents were saying goodbye to him under an umbrella. Seeing me standing in the pouring rain, they insisted that I join them. There we stood; the four of us under one umbrella! We talked the whole journey down to London. We've been friends ever since. took this photograph of him on a day I'll never forget! He's a wonderful photographer, politician and clearly a good, honest and lovely guy.

You'll see some wonderful photos of his on various other pages if you have a good look at the rest of this website.

an artist, Elvis aficionado and stunning friend of many years has stuck by me through many ups and downs since I came to England. She has remained a true and constant friend and she has my gratitude, eternal thanks, respect and above all love.

john e

John has always been a great and good friend. He is always encouraging me to be the best I can be; has helped publish my book Wonderwell and has often come along to gigs when I get a chance to perform live as 13 Frightened Girls. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for this warm, generous and kind spirit.

Sean as you can see is handsome, warm and fuzzy as a cheshire cat!
We have smiled and laughed and reminded ourselves that life is too short to be miserable. Now, if you just have to see a little more of the fabulously talented and entertaining and remarkable Sean Riley just

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in all her finery. She impresses me with her zealous faith and often puts a perspective on life which is often good to be reminded of. Her life has certainly not been a bed of roses - so how much more powerful she strikes me when she tells me to stop and smell a few roses of my own..
I have known for many years and although she lives in Japan I still feel she is a dear special friend. I first met her in Hollywood where she was visiting briefly and we ended up sitting up all night talking about everything we had in common.We have remained friends ever since and although a new baby has kept her preoccupied I have no doubt in our continued friendship.
is a warm, caring friend. Artistic and fun-loving, she's one in a million! Although we don't get to communicate too often with eachother as much as we'd like to, we are still great friends and simply pick up where we left off each time we get together again. I guess that's one of the wonderful things about true friendship.


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