Great friends, wonderful memories...
Jack Rabid

jack rabid
This is my buddy who has been my friend for at least a hundred years going all the way back to those wonderful Punk days of yore. He's a musician as well as a DJ and editor and writer of a fantastic music magazine full of reviews and interviews and info on absolutely all the best and coolest music around! Check it out!
It's called

Jack is now the husband of Mary and the proud and sometimes exhausted father of Jim (congratulations 'ol boy!) but still managed the time to come to Keith and my wedding and really make a celebration of it. Cheers jack!

jon and gary
are mega fantastic folks of the first order! They have taught me patience and consideration. Two of the most generous and warm people I've ever known. Occasionally we get together and jam - playing all kinds of instruments and make up amazing songs. We've recorded every Jam we've ever done for years and so we call the 4 or 5 or six of us who gather at their place and play - what else but - The Jam Band!!
Jon & Gary

She's charming, beautiful and graceful. A real friend who has filled my heart with happiness whenever we speak. Talented at just about anything she puts her hand to, she has wisdom and strength of will to be inspired by.

is her husband and has become a friend who I have found besides being a wonderful musician is sensitive and funny and the perfect match for Stephanie.

Spending time with the two of them is a constant joy.

colin & bea
I met Bea when she started working at the same place I work still. As soon as we started to get to know eachother, I knew we'd be friends forever. After two years Bea and Colin went back to New Zealand to continue their wonderful life there.

Bea's smile, warmth of spirit and thoughtfulness is something I have been lucky enough to experience. Colin is Bea's sturdy rock - the perfect foil for her energy and excitment! They are two of the loveliest people I've ever met!

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