...and here's another few albums that have moved me...

photograph by Sumishta
"white light, white heat white trash"
- social distortion

Having just recieved the latest issue of The Big Takeover with the 2nd part of a great interview Jack Rabid had with Mike Ness of Social Distortion I was so inspired to have a listen to this album (cause it was one of the many interesting things they discussed) that I decided to go listen to it again. Such is the effect the Big Takeover tends to have on me. I used to go see Social Distortion every chance I had when I still lived in LA - what a hard hitting band - very powerful and melodic at the same time. GREAT! Thanks to Mike Ness for carrying on and being so incredibly strong!
And thanks to Jack for reminding me......

"strange times" - the chameleons

This 1986 recording is one of my favourite of all time. I can listen to this always and always. I couldn't even begin to explain it except to say whatever emotion and fear and joy I have ever experienced is contained in this stunning masterpiece. Mark Burgess, the mastermind of it all, has inspired me countless times and taken the loneliness and heartbreak of moments lost, placed them in a well and transformed them into a great strength and overwhelming sense of love.
"kulanjan" - taj mahal / toumani diabate

This CD has just come out (Fall 1999) and is a beautiful mix of blues and West African music. I had the opportunity to see this amazing combination live and it filled my heart in an astonishing way. If you ever have the chance to see Taj Mahal solo or with the wonderful Toumani Diabate on the "Kora" (one of my favourite West African stringed instruments) and the rest of the Malian Orchestra by all means get yourself there. It'll be a magical experience you won't forget easily...

yes, but what's on my mp3 player....?

bob dylan - modern times
adrian borland - cinematic
mimi goese - soak
patti smith - peace and noise
radiohead - in rainbows
don mcglashan - ringleader of the tormentors
captain beefheart and the magic band - party of special things to do
subterraneans - soul mass transit

david byrne - self-titled
doves - some cities
help - a day in the life
interpol - antics
ram das - pilgrim heart
morrissey - ringleader of the tormentors
sigur ros - takk
subterraneans - soul mass transit
the cure - paris live
the verve- urban hymns
clap your hands say yeah - self-titled
blue aeroplanes - life model
crosby, stills & nash - self-titled
dan everett - 4 song demo - (...if I had a record label...)
u2 - how dismantle an atomic bomb (all songs)
rem - around the sun (all songs)
interpol - antics (all songs)
the smiths - singles (all songs)
foo fighters - in your honour (all songs)
coldplay- x and y (all songs)
keane - hopes and fears (all songs)
catherine wheel - ferment all songs)
i am kloot - gods and monsters (all songs)
idlewild - warnings promises (all songs)
the black watch - the hynotizing sea (all songs)
to be released on Pink Frost Records soon in 2005

mercury rev - secret migration (all songs)
cosmic rough riders - too close to see far (all songs)
across the great divide - music inspired by the band - (almost all songs) from the music magazine - uncut
the chameleons -what does anything mean? (all songs)
the plugz - blue couches, better luck
u2 - in your blue room
john doe - this far
the cure - there is no if

....and online?

nic harcourt's
morning becomes eclectic
in Los Angeles there is a GREAT radio station called KCRW and particularly the Morning Becomes Eclectic program which has fantastic bands who are interviewed intelligently by Nic Harcourt and play live sessions in the studio. Since I live a billion miles from LA, it's particulary good to be able to go online and watch the sessions streaming in whenever I feel like it. This show has turned me on to so many bands and different kinds of music - definitely a regular for me. Whoohoo! Need I say more?