....here are a few that beyond doubt have that effect...
"narrow stairs" - death cab for cutie

The Big Takeover magazine featured this band a few issues ago and I suppose that's how I first heard of them. Couldn't wait to get the CD so I stupidly ordered the download through iTunes which I didn't realise still mantain the greedy limit of how many computers you can play it on so I'll never do that again. But all that nonsense aside, this is one fantastic album which I will definitely buy the "hard copy" of cause they are way too good to have "virtually"...
"CD1 & CD2" - gene

I have always loved the daylights out of this band. So lucky me, my pal came across two single CD's of live performances and studio tracks both of which contain the wonderful song "Where Are They Now?" which begs the question, where indeed? I miss them so and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
one giant leap

About a year ago I was on a flight back to the UK when I saw a wonderful film called "1 Giant Leap". It was a combination of music and visuals and wisdom spoken by remarkable people. In the next few days I went hunting for anything regarding it. I did a search on the web and lo and behold, there is a CD out and a DVD on the way. It is a combination of world music and a cool beat. I couldn't wait for the DVD so I got the CD and I'm glad I did. Go out, spend a little money, cheer up and feel one with the good in the world.
"rain, steam & speed" -
the mutton birds

The first time I heard The Mutton Birds I knew I was listening to something close to my heart. I searched high and low and managed to find their stunning "Envy of Angels" CD and then ran out again to get this excellent one. Beautiful unpredictable melodies and music.
"wishville" - the catherine wheel

I had a chance to see The Catherine Wheel play at the (Aug. 22, 2000) at a relatively small venue - The Scala in London. I never thought I'd have the chance to see them up close like I first did when they played the Falcon so many years ago. It was an overwhelming experience then and their energy is just as strong and powerful now. This album is one of their best and how they capture the power of their live shows - I really don't know.....what I do know is I'll keep buying their CD's and try to see them next time they pass this way.