Iain Shedden, Sumishta, Keith & Lode

The original Line-up of 13 Frightened Girls

13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS started off life as one Californian named Sumishta who played her songs around Los Angeles to having a 4-peice band a year after she moved to London in 1988.

In that first year after producer Phillip Tenant saw Sumishta play live at the Market Tavern in Islington
13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS which were by then a full 4-piece band, and offered free recording time at Martin Rushent's (producer and owner) Genetic Studios whose past recording artists included Altered Images and The Buzzcocks!!

Unfortunately for them, Martin Rushent sold the studio in the midst of the recordings. There still seems to be a mystery as to the whereabouts of the master tapes.

In 1990, 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS recorded the single, LOST AT SEA, produced by Pat Fish of The Jazz Butcher.

About a year or so later
13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS signed to Stephen Street's (Blur and Smiths, Morrissey producer) Foundation Label. LOST AT SEA was pressed as a 12" only, with HOUSE OF MIRRORS and the lush MOVE IN ME.

the promo picture for the "Lost at Sea" single

Photo: Rchard Crawford

sort of went through the "exploding drummer syndrome" for a while.
After the honorable and fantastic Iain Shedden (previously with
The Saints) left the band, Sonny Flint sat in for a very brief few months in which he played a good many gigs around London. Brian Alexis was the last drummer who graced 13FG with his shy but sensitive and talented approach.

Keith, Sumishta, Brian Alexis, Keith Gilles
When Brian joined the band


13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS played as a full band until 1993 but continued to persevere briefly under the name TWIG with Simon Marrow on bass for several live gigs or a couple of years Sumishta played solo before returning to her original 13 Frightened Girls band name she started with.

Since that time, Keith and Sumishta have recorded a wonderful 11-track CD entitled 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS
"SAY HELLO"now out on their own OZMOSIS UK label.

And now a fantastic 11-song NEW album is out called 'GOOD NATURED' also on the
OZMOSIS UK labei on CDBaby.com